Conference Information

MONDAY APRIL 29TH  1:30 -4:30 PM

  1. Real Estate Title – Maintaining Assessment Records – Instructor: Helen Totz, CCMA II

This three-hour program has been designed to provide the knowledge of how and what can change title.  The workshop will delve into the various classes of deeds, the structure of the deed and identify the pertinent details.  This session will be a great resource for those new in the assessment field or as a great refresher for the veteran assessment professional – 3 hours

  1. LEAP:  Leadership, Education and the Appraisal Profession – Panel:  Amy Rasmussen, RES, AAS,

Edye McCarthy, IAO, and Karen Beattie, RES

What education opportunities are available for women to become leaders in the assessment profession?  The panel will discuss ways to educate, empower, and connect with others to become more effective.  They will discuss their experiences in the office and educational opportunities available from IAAO, NRAAO, and their State Associations.  There will be a discussion of topics that will include the pursuit of leadership, leadership styles, preparation for leadership roles, and educational requirements for success. – 3 hours

  1. Preparation & Presenting a Valuation Appeal Workshop – Instructor:  Joel Moser, Esq.

Authors: Marion Johnson, CAE & Rick Stuart, CAE

Purpose of this workshop is to provide guidance and suggestions on the preparation and presentation of a valuation appeal from an assessor/appraiser perspective. The workshop will look at all levels of appeals including informal level, secondary level also referred to as formal level appeals (boards of equalization and state tax courts) and judicial appeals (district courts and court of appeals). Information from actual residential and commercial appeal documentation will be used to help illustrate some processes and procedures. – 3 hours


TUESDAY APRIL 30TH  8:30 TO 11:30 AM

  1.  Valuation of Green Commercial Buildings Workshop Overview – (New 2016) – Instructor Rick Stuart, CAE

Authors: Marion Johnson, CAE & Rick Stuart, CAE

Purpose of this workshop is to provide some guidance and suggestions on the process of data collection and analysis of green commercial buildings from various areas of the U.S. Images and property characteristics of sales and listed properties plus data relating to income and expenses and the related market value will be used. – 3 hours

  1. Unique and Challenging Homes – (Revised 2017) – Instructor:  Amy Rasmussen, RES, AAS

Authors: Marion Johnson, CAE & Rick Stuart, CAE

This workshop deals with unique and challenging home appraisal problems and by use of case studies and actual market data, steps the participants through the appraisal process of measuring value and/or value loss on such unique properties as tiny homes, container homes, straw bale homes and many more.  – 3 hours




  1. Mass Appraisal Analysis & Benchmarks –  (Revised 2017) – Instructor:  Rick Stuart, CAE

Authors:  Fred Chmura, AAS & Rick Stuart, CAE

This workshop is designed to help refresh the mass appraisal techniques used in the valuation process and also to help establish some processes and procedures for unusual or more challenging events. Topics discussed include: USPAP, Scope of Work, Mass Appraisal, Market Value, Highest and Best Use Analysis, Neighborhood Analysis, Benchmarks, Sales Validation, Sales Ratio Analysis, Sales Chasing and Trending. – 3 hours

  1. Stress Management – Instructor: Tom Speare

Stress Can Be Managed When You Have The Right Tools. What’s in your toolbox?

Did you know that in just three minutes of a stress management practice you could change your blood pressure? At 11 minutes you will begin to impact your nervous system and reduce the levels of adrenaline and cortisol that are major indicators and contributors to stress.  These are some of the tools you will learn about. The two-hour program will be led by Tom Speare from the Tenth Gate Center For Yoga & Meditation Inc. – 2 hours

  1. Yin Yoga – Instructor: Donna Russo 

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with poses that are held for longer periods of time-up to five minutes.  Stretching this way targets the body’s fascial networks (connective tissue that holds organs, bones, muscles, etc together).  Yin offers a much deeper access to the body and when continued will lead to increased range of motion, improved joint mobility, flexibility and circulation.  Appropriate for all levels.  – 1 hour




  1.  Advanced Data Collection – Instructor: Edye McCarthy, IAO

This seminar is designed to provide students with general guidelines to address issues and characteristics that are common among most property types along with various concepts and methodologies.

By course end, the student will have an understanding of certain definitions and the valuation procedures for the different property types based on the three approaches to value.  We will cover the data collection process, specific to property type, theory and techniques to establish a comfort level in deriving assessed and appraised values for the differing type of properties.  – 3 hours

  1. Contamination & Valuation Issues Workshop – (Revised 2017) – Instructor: Rick Stuart, CAE

Authors: Marion Johnson, CAE & Rick Stuart, CAE

This workshop deals with unique appraisal problems resulting from contamination and other issues.  The workshop uses case studies developed from actual market data, steps the participants through the appraisal process of measuring value and/or value loss. Topics include mold, mercury, meth labs, asbestos, ground contamination, oil spills, fracking, sinkholes, Chinese drywall, laminate flooring, snake infestations and stigma. This workshop discusses how to establish and use benchmarks from the market. – 3 hours



  1.  Hands on GIS – Create your own Sales and Neighborhood Maps – Instructor: Angelo Marino

This session is designed as a hands-on session.  Bring your own laptop/device and learn how to create an ArcGIS Online account, import shapefiles, create maps and symbolize the data without any programing at all.  ArcGIS Online is a powerful tool for visualization and what could be more important to an assessor’s office than seeing a map of sale prices symbolized by a color ramp of your choosing.

Sample data will be provided for this session.  Look for future emails that explain how to create a free ArcGIS Online account and how to download the sample data. – 3 hours

  1. How to Teach Adult Students – (New 2015) – Instructor: Rick Stuart, CAE

Author: Rick Stuart, CAE

If you need a challenge in life, this could be it. There is nothing more rewarding to an instructor than to see the proverbial lightbulb go on when a student grasps what you are telling them or when students use the classroom to advance their careers. Along with those successes come some tough moments when you wished you could have done more. This workshop will identify what an adult student is, their concerns and fears, and how to help them be successful in the classroom setting. This workshop can also be used as a train-the-trainer session. – 3 hours



  1.  2018-2019 Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice – Instructor Leslie Pruitt

The Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 recognizes USPAP as the generally accepted real property appraisal standards and requires USPAP compliance for appraisers in federally related transactions.

USPAP contains standards for all types of appraisal services, including real estate, personal property, business and mass appraisal. Federal, state, and local agencies, appraisal services, and many professional appraisal organizations require compliance with USPAP.

USPAP addresses the ethical and performance obligations of appraisers through DEFINITIONS, Rules, Standards, Standards Rules and Statements (there are currently no active Statements on Appraisal Standards).

USPAP also includes the following guidance from the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB):

Advisory Opinions – Offer advice and resolutions for appraisal issues and problems. Frequently Asked Questions – A compilation of 332 responses to questions raised by appraisers, enforcement officials, users of appraisal services and the public. – 7 hours

Extra Registration:  $125 for full registrants, $200 for single day registrants.  Includes Student Manual and 2018-2019 Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices.