Sherry Vermilya Award

The NRAAO Awards Committee recommended to the Board of Directors of NRAAO at its executive board meeting in May, 1992 at Portland, Maine that there be an award given by the NRAAO, to one member from each participating Province or State.

At the NRAAO executive board meeting at Newton, Massachusetts in November, 1992 the NRAAO Awards Committee recommended that such award be known as the “Sherry Vermilya Award” for outstanding service to the assessment profession and in honor and memory of Sherry Vermilya’s support of NRAAO principles and his untiring efforts to assist assessors throughout the entire country and in particular the northeast.

The Sherry Vermilya Award was discussed and accepted by the NRAAO Board at the 1993 Connecticut conference with the first jurisdictional presentations being given in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

State/Province Year Name
Connecticut 2023 Joseph Ferraro
Maryland 2023 Terina Wertz
Massachusetts 2023 Ellen Brideau
New Hampshire 2023 William Douglas Irvine
New Jersey 2023 Gregory Hutchinson
Maine 2023 Paul N. Castonguay
Rhode Island 2023 David Thompson
Connecticut 2022 Rochelle Lambert
Maryland 2022 Sterling Testerman
Massachusetts 2022 Melissa Couture Rimbold
New Hampshire 2022 James Commerford
New Jersey 2022 Elizabeth Simpkins
Rhode Island 2022 Danielle Stearns
Connecticut 2021 Rochelle Lambert
Maryland 2021 Aron Bright
Massachusetts 2021 John Neas
New Hampshire 2021 Verna Sharpe
New York 2021 Lloyd Tasch
New Jersey 2021 Lee Ann Russ
Rhode Island 2021 Elizabeth Monty
Connecticut 2020 Shelby Jackson
Maine 2020 Judith Mathiau
Maryland 2020 Meaghan Beach
Massachusetts 2020 Chris Wilcock
New Hampshire 2020 David Cornell
New Jersey 2020 Martin Blaskey
New York 2020 Scott Shedler
Rhode Island 2020 Lori DeSantis
Connecticut 2019 Chandler Rose
Maine 2019 John Brushwein
Maryland 2019 Bryan Levenson
Massachusetts 2019 Bill Mitchell
New Hampshire 2019 James Rice
New Jersey 2019 Patricia Wright
New York 2019 Edye McCarthy
Rhode Island 2019 Matthew Helfand
Vermont 2019 Robert Todd LeBlanc
Connecticut 2018 Pam Deziel
Maine 2018 Cathleen Jamison
Maryland 2018 Denise Marie Fuhrman
Massachusetts 2018 Eric Josephson
New Hampshire 2018 Kristen McAllister
New Jersey 2018 Scott Holzhauer
New York 2018 Dennis Ketcham, IAO
Rhode Island 2018 Christine Brochu
Vermont 2018 Michelle Wilson
Connecticut 2017  John Rainaldi
Maryland 2017 Octavia Pauls
Massachusetts 2017 Peter Caron
New Hampshire 2017 Loren Martin
New Jersey 2017 Robyn Palughi
Vermont 2017 Randy Viens
Rhode Island 2017 Janice J. Peixinho
Connecticut 2016 Lawrence LaBarbera
Maryland 2016 Nancy Schmidbauer
Massachusetts 2016 Ellen Maddox Blanchard
New Hampshire 2016 Marti L. Noel
Rhode Island 2016 Patricia Moreau
Connecticut 2015 Donna L. Bekech
Maine 2015 Kerry Leichtman
Massachusetts 2015 Linda MacDonald
New Hampshire 2015 Rosann Maurice-Lentz
New Jersey 2015 Lynne Schweighardt
Rhode Island 2015 Kenneth S. Gray
Vermont 2015 John Fike
Connecticut 2014 Susan Altieri
Maine 2014 Susan Russo
Maryland 2014 Karen L. Price
Massachusetts 2014 Lane Partridge
New Hampshire 2014 Robert Gagne
New Jersey 2014 Diane R. Hesley
Rhode Island 2014 Elaine M. Mondillo
Connecticut 2013 Chris Kelsey
Maine 2013 Charlene Charland
Maryland 2013 Pamela Sanders
Massachusetts 2013 Ginny Thompson
New Hampshire 2013 Richard Vincent
New Jersey 2013 Marie-Louise Procacci-Blaskey
Rhode Island 2013 David Quinn
Vermont 2013 Edgar Clodfelter
Connecticut 2012 Marsha Standish
Maine 2012 Julie Schramm
Massachusetts 2012 Ron Welch Keohan
New Hampshire 2012 Scott Bartlett
New Jersey 2012 Frederick Millman
Rhode Island 2012 Michael Minardi
Connecticut 2011 David Dietsch
Maine 2011 Richard Mace
Maryland 2011 Derek Wood
Massachusetts 2011 Hannelore Simonds
New Hampshire 2011 Donna Langley
New Jersey 2011 Joseph Gallagher
Rhode Island 2011 Charles Vacca
Connecticut 2010 Donna L. Ralston, CCMA II
Maine 2010 Cathleen M. Donovan
Maryland 2010 Howard Levenson
Massachusetts 2010 Linda Swadel, MAA
New Hampshire 2010 William H. Ingalls, Jr.
New Jersey 2010 Carol C. Byrne, CTA
Rhode Island 2010 John Majeika
Connecticut 2009 Carolyn Nadeau, CCMA II
Maryland 2009 Bruce Bolt
Massachusetts 2009 James C. Judge, MAA
New Hampshire 2009 Karen G. Marchant
New Jersey 2009 Jeffrey R. Hesley
Rhode Island 2009 Charlene Randall
Connecticut 2008 William H. Gaffney III
Maine 2008 Matthew Sturgis
Maryland 2008 Charles Boyer
Massachusetts 2008 Michael P. Flynn
New Hampshire 2008 Richard Brideau
New Jersey 2008 Michael Barker
New York 2008 Lawrence G. Quinn
Rhode Island 2008 Kenneth M. Mallette, Jr.
Connecticut 2007 Betsy Quist
Massachusetts 2007 Edward Childs
New Hampshire 2007 Thomas Holmes
New Jersey 2007 Dorothy S. Kreitz
Rhode Island 2007 Ann Carlson
Connecticut 2006 Robin O’Laughlin
Maine 2006 William Healey
Maryland 2006 Renee Mierczak
Massachusetts 2006 Robert J. Ellia
New Hampshire 2006 David Gomez
New Jersey 2006 James Mancini
Rhode Island 2006 Kenneth Swain
Connecticut 2005 Mary Huda
Deleware 2005 Frank Yattaw
Maryland 2005 Leslie Pruitt
Massachusetts 2005 Molly Reed
New Hampshire 2005 James Michaud, CAE
New Jersey 2005 J. Stephen Walters
New York 2005 Susan C. Otos
Rhode Island 2005 Suzanne Kogut
Connecticut 2004 Patricia Hedwall, CCMA II, CAE, SPA
Maine 2004 Martine Painchaud
Massachusetts 2004 Kathryn Peirce
New Hampshire 2004 Barbara Chapman
New Jersey 2004 Barbara Raney
Rhode Island 2004 Patricia Acquaviva-Aubin
Connecticut 2003 Brian Smith
Maine 2003 Robert Konczal
Maryland 2003 James Soresi
Massachusetts 2003 Sebastian Tine
New Hampshire 2003 David M. McMullen
New Jersey 2003 Patricia Hice
Pennsylvannia 2003 Mary Lou Rudolph
Rhode Island 2003 Karen Beattie
Connecticut 2002 Michael Bekech
Maine 2002 Joseph Grube
Maryland 2002 James Soresi
Massachusetts 2002 Christine Saulnier
New Hampshire 2002 Normand Pelletier
New Jersey 2002 George Brown
New York 2002 Michael Fogarty
Rhode Island 2002 Arthur E. Bouchard
Connecticut 2001 Janice A. Steinmetz
Delaware 2001 Joseph Sykes, Jr.
Maine 2001 David Sawyer
Massachusetts 2001 Jeanne Reedy
New Hampshire 2001 Laura Thibodeau
New Jersey 2001 Joseph Ravitz
New York 2001 Thomas Frey
Rhode Island 2001 Stanley E. Severance
Vermont 2001 Thomas S. Vickery
Connecticut 2000 Vivian Bachteler
Delaware 2000 C. S. Holder, Jr.
Maine 2000 Richard Blackburn
Massachusetts 2000 Frank Ragonese
New Hampshire 2000 Michael Hathaway
New Jersey 2000 Bernard Haney
New York 2000 Andrea Nilon
Rhode Island 2000 R. David Jervis
Connecticut 1999 Leon Jendrejczyk
Delaware 1999 Christopher S. Keeler
Maine 1999 Elizabeth Sawyer
Massachusetts 1999 Hugh Smith
New Hampshire 1999 Angelo Marino
New Jersey 1999 Bernham L. Hobbs, Jr.
New York 1999 Cathy L. Conklin
Pennsylvania 1999 Michael L. Martucci
Rhode Island 1999 Raymond E. Beattie, Jr.
Vermont 1999 Dana Dean
Connecticut 1998 James Ramos
Maine 1998 Paul Lesperance
Massachusetts 1998 Everett Martin
New Hampshire 1998 Normand Bernaiche
New Jersey 1998 Thomas G. Glock
Rhode Island 1998 Viviane L. Valentine
Connecticut 1997 Donna Brodowski
Delaware 1997 Ed Parker
Maine 1997 Robert G. Tripp
Massachusetts 1997 Harold Mendoza
New Hampshire 1997 Katherine Temchack
New Jersey 1997 Frank Bucino
Pennsylvania 1997 Michael L. Martucci
Rhode Island 1997 George Lovesky
Connecticut 1996 Joan Paskewich
Delaware 1996 Francis Lally
Maine 1996 Gerald Daigle
Massachusetts 1996 Bernard Shadrawy
New Hampshire 1996 Dominic D’Antoni
New Jersey 1996 William Birchall, Jr.
New York 1996 Margaret Ciamarra
Pennsylvania 1996 Leo C. Grasser
Rhode Island 1996 Linda L. Cwiek
Connecticut 1995 Anthony Homicki
Maine 1995 Anne Gregory
Maryland 1995 Harry Shipp, Jr.
Massachusetts 1995 Marion Fantucchio
New Brunswick 1995 Ian MacMichael
New Hampshire 1995 F. William Mitchell
New Jersey 1995 James J. Gibbs
New York 1995 Elliott Glasser
Pennsylvania 1995 E.G. “Hap” Rudolph
Rhode Island 1995 Theodore Littler
Vermont 1995 Mary Cary
Connecticut 1994 Janice A. Steinmetz
Massachusetts 1994 Helene Murphy
New Hampshire 1994 Karen Marchant
Pennsylvania 1994 Norma J. P. Sando
Rhode Island 1994 Sylvia McInnis