Catherine E. Pardee Memorial Award

Catherine E. Pardee was the Assessor of Orange, Connecticut from 1947 to 1965.

Catherine had served as the first woman President of the Connecticut Association of Assessing Officers (CAAO). She also served as the Secretary of the CAAO for many years.

Catherine also served on the old Board of Governors of the NRAAO for many years, as well as serving for many years as secretary of NRAAO out of the goodness of her heart.

Catherine was the first woman to attain the CAE designation from the then National Association of Assessing Officers (NAAO), now the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO).

In the fall of 1965 a meeting of the NRAAO Board of Governors, at the Hotel Somerset, Boston, Massachusetts was to be along with other assessors from Massachusetts, Connecticut and the Executive Director of IAAO from Chicago, Illinois.

Cay Pardee was supposed to attend that meeting, however, when a Connecticut assessor stopped at her home, on his way to Boston, to pick her up, he was informed that she has passed away during the night.

Needless to say the sad news upset everyone in attendance that had known Katherine Pardee, an individual who was honest, fair and recognized as a professional in the field of assessment.

The Annual Catherine E. Pardee Memorial Award is given in recognition of outstanding and dedicated service to the NRAAO, which is what Cay Pardee gave of herself so unselfishly.

The sole recipient of this most prestigious award is designated and voted on by the past presidents of NRAAO annually.

The Catherine E. Pardee Memorial Award was created unanimously by the NRAAO Board of Directors at the annual conference meeting held at the Hotel America in Hartford, Connecticut in May, 1966.

The first Catherine E. Pardee Memorial Award was presented at the 1967 NRAAO Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. Mr. Herbert Shay, assessor of Fairfield, Connecticut was the first recipient.

Since that time the Catherine E. Pardee Memorial Award has been spread quite evenly among all participating Provinces and States of the NRAAO.

Year State/Province Name
2023 Connecticut Chris Kelsey
2023 Connecticut Mary Huda
2022 New Hampshire Bill Ingalls
2021 New Jersey Marie Procacci
2020 Rhode Island Patti Moreau
2019 New Hampshire Ellen Brideau
2018 Connecticut Marsha Standish
2017 Maryland Bryan Levenson
2016 New Hampshire Karen Marchant
2015 New Jersey James Mancini
2014 Rhode Island Viviane Valentine
2013 Massachusetts Everett “Gus” Martin
2012 Connecticut Betsy Quist
2011 Rhode Island Karen Beattie
2011 Connecticut Donna Ralston
2010 Maryland Leslie Grant Pruitt
2009 New York Thomas & Patricia Frey
2008 Rhode Island Raymond E. Beattie, Jr.
2008 Rhode Island Linda L. Cwiek
2007 Massachusetts Edward Childs
2007 Massachusetts Molly Reed
2006 New Jersey Thomas G. Glock
2005 New Jersey Dorothy S. Kreitz
2005 New Jersey Bernard Haney
2004 Maine Paul G. Lesperance
2003 Maryland Howard Levenson
2002 Connecticut Donna Price-Bekech
2001 Maine Gerald Daigle
2000 New Hampshire Laura Thibodeau
1999 Delaware Eddy J. Parker
1998 New Jersey Frank Carlet, Esq.
1997 Maryland James Sorisi
1996 Connecticut Richard Prendergast
1995 New Hampshire Karen Marchant
1994 Connecticut Anthony Homicki
1994 Connecticut Jane Grigsby
1993 Maine Michael Austin
1992 Rhode Island Stanley Severance
1992 Rhode Island Angelo Marino
1991 New York James Howarth
1990 New Jersey Carolyn Landi
1990 New Jersey Victor A. Hartsfield, Sr.
1989 Connecticut Robert Coyne
1988 Massachusetts Albert E. Mercier
1987 New Brunswick Ian MacMichael
1986 New York Hollis Sweet
1984 Rhode Island Richard M. Bartlett
1970 Massachusetts Bernard Shadrawy
1967 Connecticut Herbert Shay