2022 Education Information


MAY 1 – 8, 2022



Teamwork (3.5 hours)

This Workshop is participant driven and will help learn the four core behaviors essential to every great team, self management, empathy, self-awareness and conflict management.  The workshop is customized for Assessing personal and Assessing offices.

Presenter(s):  David Cornell, MAI & CAE

Emerging Geospatial Data & Technologies that are Revolutionizing Property Appraisal (3 hours)

This Workshop is a presentation by Woolpert.  They will discussing the existing trends and synergies, but also how emerging data and technologies are revolutionizing property appraisal.


Presenter(s):  Billy Burle, Senior Product Consultant & Daniel Anderson, of Woolpert Inc.


Risks & Benefits of “Going Mobile” (3.5 hours)

This workshop will be discussing the common risks to avoid when implementing a mobile solution such as check-in/check-out processes and simple PDF markups.  It will also go over the benefits of a cloud-based and truly mobile-optimized solution.


Presenters(s):  Billy Burle, Senior Product Consultant, & Daniel Anderson, of Woolpert, Inc.



Reading and Understanding Deeds (3.5 hours)

This workshop has been designed to provide the knowledge of how and what can change title.  The workshop will delve into the various classes of deeds, the structure of the deed and identify the pertinent details.  This session will be a great resource for those new in the assessment field or as a great refresher for the veteran assessment professional.

Presenter(s):  Edye McCarthy, Assessor Town of Greenburgh, NY

Anatomy of a Lease & What is income for Commercial valuation (3.5 hours)

This workshop will be an in-depth discussion on the in and out’s of leases and cover what is income for commercial valuation.

Presenter(s):  Edye McCarthy, Assessor Town of Greenburgh, NY

Navigating Mass Appraisal Statistics (3.5 hours)

This workshop will be a refresher on mass appraisal statistics and their meaning.  Sure, you’ve got a COD of X, but what does that mean in English?  And what the heck is a PRB? This workshop will review the calculation of statistics used in the mass appraisal world and their interpretation.  Learn a few mathematical shortcuts and understand why these statistics are important.

Presenter(s):  Karen Beattie, RES & RICA, Assessor/Finance Director Town of Scituate, RI

IAAO Standard on Data Quality (3.5 hours)

This standard provides tools for reducing roll quality risk caused by unseen data problems.  Beyond assessment, good quality data matter for making any fact-based decisions and affects numerous users on the information, including taxing jurisdictions, taxpayers, tax agents, public policy makers, academics, researchers, and the broader real estate community.

Presenter(s):  Karen Beattie, RES & RICA, Assessor/Finance Director Town of Scituate, RI

USPAP (7 hours)

2022-2023 7 Hour National USPAP Update Course

The new 7-Hour USPAP Update Course is designed to give you the tools to be your own USPAP expert by the time you leave the course. Through dynamic case studies and new tools, appraisers will learn how to better navigate the USPAP document to solve problems in their daily appraisal practice. This course provides a refresher on important tenets of the profession and offers practical applications for an appraiser’s appraisal practice. This course is intended to fulfill the 7-hour requirement as established by the Appraiser Qualification Board (AQB) of The Appraisal Foundation.

The student manual along with the USPAP Reference Manual and a copy of USPAP are required for students taking the 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course. from educational providers.

Presenter: Leslie Pruitt, AQB Certified Instructor, Supervisor of Assessments, Somerset County MD, Dept. of Assessment & Taxation

Challenges in Appraising Luxury Real Estate (3.5 hours)

From mansions to private islands, cruise ship condos to high street retail, this course will examine the challenges in appraising high-value real estate.  What high end amenities are currently in demand?  Is the cost approach reliable? Does celebrity ownership impact value?  This course will investigate how the three approaches to value are applied to these unique luxury properties.

Presenter:  Chris Kerin, MAI, CCIM

Poking Holes in Assessment Appeals Appraisals (3.5 hours)

This workshop will offer insider tips and tricks for identifying strengths and weaknesses in appraisal reports. We’ll go through all three approaches using actual case studies, for both residential and commercial.


Presenter:  Albert Franke, MAI, SRA

Vendor Technologies Workshop